ProFoam Wedge 15 - Pearl Technology
ProFoam positioning aids are made from a soft foam material and are welded into a durable polyurethane sheet.

Size : 26 x 25 x 7 cm (15 degrees)
Steri M surface disinfectant 5 litres
STERI M provides a solution to sanitation problems with a disinfectant formulation without quaternary ammonium or alcohol. It is intended for the hospital and public health environment. It can be applied to common surfaces such as tiles, earthenware, stainless steel, etc...

5-litre container
Steri M spray 500 ml
STERI M provides a solution to sanitation problems with a disinfectant formulation free of quatenary ammonium and alcohol. It is intended for hospitals and public health. It can be applied to common surfaces such as tiles, earthenware, ixox, etc...

500 ml spray bottle

Box of 12 pieces
STERI G-gel pump dispenser 500 ml
STERI G is a balanced disinfectant formulation intended for frequent and repetitive application on the skin, mainly on the hands. Validated by the FOPH, STERI G confirms its broad spectrum anti-microbial activity.

Bottle of 500 ml

Carton of 12 pieces
Non-sterile medical mask, 3-ply, CE, ISO, EN14683
The medical 3-ply mask provides optimum protection for the wearer and the working environment against contamination and soiling.

Lot de 50pcs
Ultrasound gel 250 ml
Non-sterile gel for use in external ultrasound:
- Free of any dyes and perfumes, therefore odourless and colourless, hypoallergenic, non-irritating and does not corrode the probes
- Can be used for 2D and 3D ultrasound
- Paraben free
- Its viscosity allows the examination to be carried out in conditions of lasting comfort
- Can be used with all types of probes

Composition :
- Demineralized water 98,25% - Vinyl polymer 0,6%
- Triethanolamine 0,55% - Monoepoxy
- Benzyl Alcohol 0,1%.

Packaging :
- Batch of 50 bottles of 250 ml with Flip Top cap for a quick and clean closure
Earplugs Spark
No cord
35 dB attenuation
Box of 200 pairs
XR safety glasses
Pair of 0.75 mm leaded PERSOL X-ray glasses, specially adapted for interventional radiology.

This pair has a side view protected by a 0.50 mm leaded lens to ensure perfect eye protection.

In addition to these technical advantages, the glasses are anti-fog treated and come with an adjustable elastic strap and a storage case with a clip.
Cotton patient gown XL
carton de 60 pièces
Cotton pyjamas
carton de 30 pièces
MediaRange R-DVD
DVD in cardboard box of 300 pieces, including pockets
MediaRange R-CD
Carton of 300 pieces, including pockets
GERMOCID WIPES - alcohol 15% - tube (tube of 220)

GERMOCID WIPES - alcohol 15% - 220 wipes

Designed to clean and disinfect non-invasive medical devices and surfaces in medical and dental offices.
Disinfecting action: fast and effective disinfecting action against Gram+ and Gram- bacteria, yeasts, moulds, fungi, tuberculosis mycobacteria (TBC), viruses (HIV - HVB - HVC)

They are not inactivated by organic residues.
High detergent power and fast evaporation.
Due to the reduced alcohol content, Germocid wipes (15%) can be used without any risk of damaging materials.

Wipe size: 14 x 24 cm. Tube (tube of 220)


100 g of product contain: Benzalkonium chloride 0,5 g; O-phenylphenol 0,02 g; Isopropyl alcohol, Ethanol, co-formulants, purified water per 100 g
Kit CT clothes
Patient suit for CT exams, SMS bathrobe XL including slippers

Box of 50 pieces
Kit MRI clothes
MRI clothing set, SMS XL bathrobe including slippers and coverall

Box of 50 pieces
Disposable cotton blanket
Couverture 100 % coton

60 gsm

Taille 210cmx90cm

Carton 60 pièces
Disposable cotton pillow cover
Pillow protection

100% cotton

Size 50cmx70cm

20 pieces per box
XR protection mattress - Pearl Technology
X-ray table mattress, resistant and durable according to the latest hygiene standards.

Size : 180 x 50 x 3 cm

Material : ProFoarm
PearlFit Roll 50 - Pearl Technology
PearlFit cushions help with patient positioning and comfort throughout the X-ray examination.

Durable and resistant products according to the latest hygiene standards.

Size 18cm diameter / length 50 cm
"Zero contact" disinfection column
Support métallique robuste vernis

Dim : 1430 x 380 x 345 mm

Distributeur « zéro contacts »/ sur piles

Flacon rechargeable de 1 litre

Une année de garantie

100 % Swiss Made