"Zero contact" disinfection column
Support métallique robuste vernis

Dim : 1430 x 380 x 345 mm

Distributeur « zéro contacts »/ sur piles

Flacon rechargeable de 1 litre

Une année de garantie

100 % Swiss Made
Atlantic trolley with 3 holders
Wide range of pedestal tables in stainless steel or epoxy stainless steel finish.
Of very high quality, ATLANTIC pedestal tables are equipped with drawers with curved front and ergonomic handle.
The stainless steel structure is entirely welded.

Technical data:

3 drawers: height 120 mm
4 castors : Ø 100 mm non staining, 2 with brakes
Dimensions: 600x400mm
Height : 935mm
Material : stainless steel + epoxy paint on the epoxy model
Steel quality : Stainless steel ANSI 304
Aurion non-magnetic trolley
Practical and functional, the Aurion 5-drawer non-magnetic emergency trolley is the ideal equipment for MRI rooms.

It is easy to move thanks to its four large diameter wheels (without locking system) and has several spacious drawers with label holders on the front.

All the materials used in the construction were chosen by the manufacturer for their lightness and robustness.

3 drawers of 10 cm height
2 drawers 15 cm high
Dimensions: 77.5 x 71 x 92 cm
BabyFix Cocoon - Pearl Technology
The BabyFix Cocoon creates the ideal conditions for a safe and thorough examination procedure of newborns in the MRI scanner.
Breast Phantom MTM100
MTM100 tissue equivalent breast phantom for mammography IQC
CRANIA Adult - Pearl Technology
CRANIA products provide optimal patient positioning and immobilization during MRI scans of the head. The arrangement of the bead chambers allows the suppression of movement in three axes and reduces motion artefacts.

The CRANIA Adult is specifically designed for research-oriented head examinations such as MRI/EEG.
CRANIA Child - Pearl Technology
CRANIA products provide optimal patient positioning and immobilization during MRI scans of the head. The arrangement of the bead chambers allows the suppression of movement in three axes and reduces movement artefacts.

The CRANIA Child is specifically designed for pediatric head examinations for children over 3 years of age.
CT HeadFix - Pearl Technology
The CT HeadFix offers an integrated, fast and hygienic positioning solution for head fixation during CT examinations and is compatible with head supports from leading manufacturers.

Immobilisation aid for fixing the head in the scanner holder. Compatible with various scanners.
CT Table Cover - Pearl Technology
The scanner table covers have PU (polyurethane) foil protectors and are compatible with scanner tables from different manufacturers. The specially designed flaps offer additional security.

The high quality materials and workmanship make the product strong and durable.
CT emergency trolley
Safety Scan emergency trolley with extension, equipped with a technical configuration to suit your scanning needs.

Spacious work surface with a usable working area of 476 x 482 mm

Extendable side shelf to increase the usable area.

At the front: 4 drawers on telescopic frames allowing full extension and restraint when closed, each supporting a load of 45kg:

3x h. 156 mm fitted with compartments (volume 21L)
1x h. 236 mm (volume 32L)

"Safety lock" drawer lock
Left side panel: cardiac massage board Dim. 350x480 mm
Right side panel can be equipped with standard accessory rails
Extension with 2 standard accessory rails, 2 shelves, needle collector holder, glove box holder and swivelling shiner holder
At the back: 1 probe holder and 1 oxygen cylinder holder


4 wheels Ø 150 mm with double ball bearings 2 with brakes and 2 antistatic for excellent manoeuvrability
Dimensions : L571 x W594 x H1050mm
Net weight : 43kg
Payload : 300 kg
CareMin650 Lightbox
An innovative medical device for severe complications of cancer treatment.

Photobiomodulation by light emission through optical fibres for the treatment of mucositis and radio-chemically induced dermatitis.
Cotton patient gown XL
carton de 60 pièces
Cotton pyjamas
carton de 30 pièces
Cover Headphones 100p - Pearl Technology
Pearltec sanitary pads are an integral part of a simple patient application.

Bag of 100 pieces.

Single-use earplugs for headphones.
Motorised biopsy needle.

5 ml syringe with adjustable suction.

Compatible with a variety of needle gauges and lengths. Ergonomic slide switch allows the syringe to be aspirated and the motor to be started with a single movement.

Sold in packs of at least 10 pieces.
Disposable cotton blanket
Couverture 100 % coton

60 gsm

Taille 210cmx90cm

Carton 60 pièces
Disposable cotton pillow cover
Pillow protection

100% cotton

Size 50cmx70cm

20 pieces per box
Earplugs Spark
No cord
35 dB attenuation
Box of 200 pairs
Examination paper roll
Very high quality. Easy pre-cutting. White
Pure 2-ply wadding (2 x 18 g), 100% pure cellulose, soft and resistant

Packaging: box of 9 rolls

Available in 2 sizes:
Width 50 cm, pre-cut 38 cm, 138 formats, 52 m
Width 60 cm, pre-cut 38 cm, 132 formats, 50 m